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Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Hypno-Coaching Sessions cost 10,000 ISK per hour long session  

Single Session Stop Smoking Intensive Support costs 19,000 ISK 

HPD Hypnotherapy Practioner Diploma independently accredited by NCFE (NVQ4)

DHP Diploma Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy


HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma/NVQ4

Diploma CBT Skills for Hypnotherapist/NVQ4


SFBTHyp Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Diploma/NVQ4 


Mark McKergow's Solution Focused Business Coaching 

AfSFH - Executive Officer/Legal Administrator of the Founding Committee


Kay´s article, The Solution Focused Approach to Hypnotherapy, was included in Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy School´s training materials.

Kay has researched and written several articles for publication in APHP and NCH Journals and in Hypnotherapy Today Magazine. 


She has many interests but she particularly enjoys nature, culture, writing and exploring aspects of the mind. In 2014 and 2019 she published books of her own.


Hypnotherapy Society Membership:

National Council for Hypnotherapy MNCH(REG)



Full name: Kay Tina Cook

Icelandic Kennitala: 031159 2889 

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a Particular Outlook Necessary

The mind and our reactions to our thoughts have long since fascinated me. I studied this subject informally on and off culminating in my decision to train as a hypnotherapist. I wanted to learn a therapeutic technique which was not only fast and effective but which concentrated more on how people fulfilled their potential rather than why they sometimes do not (although this is important too). I also wanted to learn a therapy which would further my understanding of and respect for the innate instincts underlying human behaviour.

I chose to undertake hypnotherapy training at the Clifton Practice in Bristol (CPHT) which is an independently accredited centre of excellence in solution focused hypnotherapy and psychotherapy training.

Sport has been an enduring interest of mine. For a few years I enjoyed archery as a participant, whilst doing so I became aware of the use of hypnosis in sport. I was only a reasonable club archer myself but I met members of the British archery team who had used hypnosis. My participation in archery taught me that increasing my ability to focus my mind made positive differences which radiated into other areas of life. Hypnotherapy helps to build the capacity of the mind to focus and discipline itself, this has important implications in sport and everyday life.

Whether you are a golfer with the yips, an athlete who would like to perform closer to their full potential, an archer, a snooker player or a performer in a team sport I would be delighted to help you.

I love words, writing and nature. I have written poems, short stories and in 2014 my first book was published. In hypnotherapy we use metaphors or therapeutic story forms to help promote patterns of thought and reaction which are positive and healing. The subconscious part of the mind is very responsive to these metaphors. I very much enjoy blending my hypnotherapy skills with my love of words and images of nature to deliver an experience which is both beautiful and healing.

My personal philosophy has been greatly informed by the information I have synthesized from both my own life experience. The following writers/teachers have had a strong influence upon my thinking and have inspired me hugely:-

  • Human Givens by Joe Griffin (Research Psychologist with graduate and postgraduate degrees from the LSE and Ivan Tyrrell (Principal of Mind and Director of the European Therapy Studies Institute)
  • David Newton of Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training, Bristol (Principal, Senior Tutor and Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist)
  • Trancework by Michael D Yapko (PhD, Clinical Psychologist)
  • Warriors, Settlers and Nomads by Terence Watts (Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Research Society)
  • Radical Knowing and Radical Nature by Christian de Quincey PhD – Professor of Consciousness Studies at John F Kennedy University
  • The Brain Story by Susan Greenfield CBE
  • More than Miracles by Steve De Shazer

I attended the Scientific and Medical Network´s Beyond the Brain Conference in 2010 and 2014. These conferences take a very open minded perspective embracing cutting edge neuroscience and quantum mechanics, spirituality and how people can live with greater connectedness and in better harmony with the natural world and its evolution. Always interesting and thought provoking. 

In 2012 I relocated to live in Iceland close to the ocean and the mountains. Here my love of nature has deepened further. I have also enjoyed courses here with Vanadís exploring dreams and some historical and cultural aspects of spirituality.

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