Kay Cook
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Hypno-Coaching Sessions cost 10,000 ISK per hour long session  

Single Session Stop Smoking Intensive Support costs 19,000 ISK 

HPD Hypnotherapy Practioner Diploma independently accredited by NCFE (NVQ4)

DHP Diploma Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy


HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma/NVQ4

Diploma CBT Skills for Hypnotherapist/NVQ4


SFBTHyp Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Diploma/NVQ4 


Mark McKergow's Solution Focused Business Coaching 

AfSFH - Executive Officer/Legal Administrator of the Founding Committee


Kay´s article, The Solution Focused Approach to Hypnotherapy, was included in Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy School´s training materials.

Kay has researched and written several articles for publication in APHP and NCH Journals and in Hypnotherapy Today Magazine. 


She has many interests but she particularly enjoys nature, culture, writing and exploring aspects of the mind. In 2014 and 2019 she published books of her own.


Hypnotherapy Society Membership:

National Council for Hypnotherapy MNCH(REG)



Full name: Kay Tina Cook

Icelandic Kennitala: 031159 2889 

Contact: email me at kt.cook@btinternet.com or call me on +354 691 1147.

Appointments usually take place in the client's own home in the Reykjavík area or online via Zoom link.

In-person appointments will not be available in Reykjavík between 29th March and at least the 7th of May 2022 because I will be in Falmouth, Cornwall. If you would like an appointment in West Cornwall during that time please contact me. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and/or Coaching sessions cost 10,000 ISK per 60 minute session  -  student reductions are available 

Single Session Intensive Stop Smoking Support is priced at 19,000 ISK - allow between 105 and 120 minutes

I offer a free initial chat lasting up to 20 minutes, usually by telephone, but Zoom is a possibility. I will explain how I would use hypnotherapy to help with your issue(s), answer your questions and give an estimate of the likely number of sessions. This gives you a chance to assess whether you would like to work with me. There is no obligation, I am always happy for prospective clients to go away and think things over before they decide. 

An initial chat of this length is not available for Single Session Intensive Stop Smoking Support, or Single Session Coaching. Although, of course, when you contact me to make your appointment I am happy to spend a few minutes explaining things and answering your questions.  

A sound file is always provided for my clients to utilize at home. The purpose of this is to increase relaxation, positivity and creative problem-solving capacities.    

Hypno-Life Coaching for Personal or Business Use - Helping you to move forwards in life or business, defining goals or direction better, managing stress and create a better balance between work, rest, study and play.  I know you have strengths, creativity and resources you are not yet aware of or using fully. It is very exciting for me to work with you on this using solution focused coaching exercises supported by the subconscious changes created by hypnotherapy and often NLP.  Further sessions at various intervals are often recommended for optimum results.  

Solution Focused Life Coaching for Business or Personal Use is an option for groups or seminars or those individuals who do not wish to experience hypnosis.  A single session can be very valuable but  one or two follow up sessions are often recommended at intervals of between 2 and 8 weeks.   

Solution Focused Coaching and Corporate Work, Courses and Seminars are available on increasing motivation, performance aptitude and resilience to the pressures of the corporate world, stress or study management and creating the happiness response.

Talks - I am an experienced speaker who has given many talks on making the most of the mind and other subjects.  A talk may be tailored to a theme such as hypnotherapy or coaching in study, sport, stress management or something else.

I enjoy sharing my experience as a hypnotherapist and taking a look at the lives we live as 21st century people with the primitive reactions of a caveman. This talk is entertaining, informative and rich with free self-help and self-understanding tips and it can be tailored to events that are more for entertainment purposes. 



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